Exercise: Develop your campaign goal


Now it‘s time to apply this new information.

While you can do this exercise individually, it is more powerful if you do it within your team or organisation. Either use your own work. Or use the case study. And as in the previous sections, there is a worksheet in the download section.

Here is your task:

    • Pick one of the problems from the analysis phase; one of the problems that your beneficiaries want to have addressed.
    • For this issue assess what you actually want to accomplish, for whom, by when, where, by how much etc..
    • Check if it is best addressed through a new or improved policy or through better implementation of existing policies.
    • Based on this assessment formulate a lobby and advocacy goal.
    • Check this goal against the SMART-criteria and make sure it is realistic and can be accomplished within a given period and with the available resources
    • Check if the campaign goal is within your scope of influence, not merely in your scope of concern

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